What is Neighborhood Planning?

Neighborhood planning is an opportunity for citizens to take an active role in the future of their neighborhood. The neighborhood planning process involves citizens, businesses, local stakeholders, City departments, community organizations and institutions working together to address land use, transportation, service delivery and other quality of life issues. The goal is to promote mutual responsibility and joint problem solving. 

What is a Neighborhood/Homeowner Association?

Neighborhood associations are formally recognized associations which offer an opportunity for citizens to participate in decision-making for their neighborhood. They are either created by the developer of a neighborhood or by the residents of a neighborhood, often when there is an identified issue affecting the area. Some memberships are voluntary and open to all citizens who live or own property within the organization’s boundaries; however, most are not. Per covenants that run with the land, ownership automatically makes you a member in the HOA. Neighborhood associations draw a great diversity of people who work together to improve the livability of their neighborhood.

While each neighborhood organization differs depending on the needs of its residents, most are concerned with issues that affect the quality of life in the community. This may include issues such as land use, crime, public safety and traffic, and community services. 

What is the Centennial Council of Neighborhoods (CenCON)?

CenCON is comprised of Neighborhood Association representatives within the City of Centennial. Current CenCON membership represents approximately 22,000 Centennial homes in about 59 different Neighborhood Associations.

CenCON meets monthly to gather important information from the various civic authorities. Meetings are attended by CenCON representatives that are elected or appointed by each member association. The CenCON representative brings information discussed in these meetings back to the association for dissemination to homeowners by means of monthly meetings, newsletters, etc.

The monthly meetings are open to the public, but CenCON reserves the right to limit public comment.

CenCON has no legislative authority and is effective only by working cooperatively with City officials as the collective voice of Centennial residents.

In addition, CenCON reviews development plans for projects within the City of Centennial and gives requested critical input as an official referral agency of the City’s Community Development Department. The input from CenCON is seriously considered by the Mayor and City Council in their decision making process.

To contact CenCON, please call (303) 771-0115 or visit the CenCON Web site.

How do I organize a volunteer neighborhood association?

The first step in starting a neighborhood association is to check for existing neighborhood organizations in and around your neighborhood. You may find it more beneficial to your neighborhood to be included within the boundaries of another organization rather than starting a new neighborhood association.  View Registered Neighborhood Orgs here.

If you decide to start your own neighborhood organization, the following guidelines should be considered:

  1. Seek professional legal and tax advice for state requirements on not-for-profit organization incorporation;
  2. Determine boundaries of the planned neighborhood association;
  3. Widely promote information about an initial meeting to organize a new neighborhood association;
  4. Include everyone that lives or owns property as a potential member of the association;
  5. Identify a regular meeting time and place;
  6. Elect officers and adopt by-laws;
  7. Register with the City of Centennial (see next question);
  8. Keep everyone in your neighborhood informed about association activities.

How do I register my neighborhood association?

To register your neighborhood organization with the City, visit the Neighborhoods page of our site where you will find the link for the Homeowners Association Application. Be sure to complete your request by clicking "Submit" at the bottom of the application.

Why should I register my neighborhood association with the City of Centennial?

Registering your neighborhood organization with the City is important because it allows others to know about your organization and is also a way for the City to keep you up to date on news and events that may affect your neighborhood.

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